"Our heart is that you feel welcome at Salt Church and that being here today helps you in your faith journey.

As part of that process we believe that you can experience a real, vibrant, and authentic relationship with God; one that is unique for you. At the same time, we develop genuine relationships with one-another - relationships that bring a sense of inclusiveness and fulfilment of God's purpose for each one of us.

Enjoy a coffee and a chat. Maybe this can become your church home?"

Pastor Paul and Laureen Newsham


Senior Pastors - Paul and Laureen Newsham

Paul and Laureen Newsham are the loving parents of the Salt Church Community. With two life times of ministry experience and deep passion for the kingdom of God, their desire is to see every Christian experience the richness of an intimate relationship with Jesus.

Paul showed his love of preaching early when he began at the age of eight on the streets of Brisbane and was extensively involved in ministry all through his teen years in the local church. Formal qualifications were gained at the Commonwealth Bible College (now Alpha Crucis)

Laureen grew up in country Victoria where her family was actively involved in their local church. In 1972 she began studying at the same college as Paul who was now in his second year. They married in 1973.

For 30 years they ministered at Paradise Community Church, establishing a reputation for being people of integrity and faithfulness. In 2003 they accepted an appointment to Salt Church (formerly Northside CLC).

Both hold full minister's credentials and are experienced, lively, challenging and reassuring leaders. Sermons are never boring. Paul says that we don't need a boring church. They want to see people's lives enriched, empowered, full of purpose and influence.

'But what are they like?'
They are [in no particular order] funny, sharp, real, compassionate, approachable, wide awake. They rejoice in what they are doing and love the Salt Church people.

Paul has a dream for the church. Both he and Laureen live this dream daily, demonstrating core values of graceunity and integrity in everything they do.


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